What if our city doesn’t have an inventory?

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What if our city doesn’t have an inventory?

Post by i-Tree Support » Thu Jan 04, 2007 1:59 pm

Streets was designed to incorporate an existing street tree database where DBH (diameter at breast height) measurements and species are present for each tree.

However, for communities without inventories, a complete or sample inventory can be conducted using the Streets PDA Utility. The Streets manual provides instructions to generate the number and location of street segments necessary for a statistically valid sample inventory using ArcGIS. User without GIS access can also create random street segments manually using existing maps. User can also use their own data collection sheets and manually enter data into Streets or import data into the application.

Using a team of two paid personnel or volunteers, experience has demonstrated that sampling 3-6% of the street tree population can be completed in a relatively short time and provide accurate estimates.
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