What is i-Tree Streets (STRATUM)?

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What is i-Tree Streets (STRATUM)?

Post by i-Tree Support » Thu Jan 04, 2007 1:56 pm

STRATUM (Street Tree Resource Analysis Tool for Urban forest Managers) is a street tree management and analysis tool for urban forest managers that uses tree inventory data to quantify the dollar value of annual environmental and aesthetic benefits: energy conservation, air quality improvement, CO2 reduction, stormwater interception, and property value increase.

It's an easy to use, computer-based program. Baseline data can be used to effectively manage the resource, develop policy and set priorities. Using a sample or full inventory of street trees, this software allows managers to evaluate current benefits, costs, and management needs.

STRATUM is now called i-Tree Streets in the i-Tree v3.x and v4.x software suites.
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