Known issues with MyTree v1.5

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Known issues with MyTree v1.5

Post by azelaya » Fri Jan 25, 2019 9:18 am

31May2019 Locations Failing to Generate Results or $NaN - There are issues with locations failing to generate results in MyTree such as Boise, Idaho, . This problem may affect other locations generating $NaN for results. Users can consider using a nearby alternate location, but results will be specific to the location used and may be different due to location and human population characteristics used in MyTree estimates. MyTree is being worked on by our Developers currently and this issue will be updated when it is resolved. Thank you for your cooperation.

21Jan2019 Canada location problems - As of Jan21st, there is a known issue with i-Tree MyTree not accepting Canadian addresses. Upon entering an address in Canada, the application returns a dialog box with "Please enter a valid US or Canadian address"

This issue has been submitted and will be investigated by our Developers. We will be updated here when it is resolved.

27FEB2019 UPDATE - MyTree is working properly in Canadian Provinces. Note - there is ongoing Development work planned for MyTree as it updated to work under the i-Tree Eco platfrom.

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