How can I contact other i-Tree users in my country

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How can I contact other i-Tree users in my country

Post by azelaya » Tue Jan 20, 2015 8:47 am

Our privacy policy does not allow us to share contact information for other i-Tree users. Users are advised to try to connect by using the i-Tree Forum to indicate interest in networking with others in their country. See this example post from India viewtopic.php?t=849&highlight=india

The i-Tree user numbers on the i-Tree website are based on software requests or downloads. Since i-Tree is public domain software, it is accessible by anyone worldwide and we do not have a way to track who actually installs and uses the software for a particular project. In addition, i-Tree offers online tools such as i-Tree Canopy which can be used by international users without software installation.

Since i-Tree Eco requires international manual processing with the exception of Canada and Australia, we have a general idea of who has used Eco abroad. In some cases if there is a local resource we know of, we will try to forward your contact information to that person to facilitate networking.

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