How does i-Tree Streets Work?

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How does i-Tree Streets Work?

Post by i-Tree Support » Thu Jan 04, 2007 1:57 pm

i-Tree Streets, originally STRATUM, uses growth curves modeled for significant urban tree species within each of 16 national climate zones, along with other regionally specific data: regional climate data, building construction and energy use patterns, fuel mix for energy production, and air pollutant concentrations. This information is used to model the environmental benefits and costs—as well as effects on property value.

After the user imports a sample or full inventory, Streets calculates the structure of the resource, net annual benefits and costs, and indicators of management sustainability. Reports can compare canopy cover for different neighborhoods, species diversity, conflicts with power lines and sidewalks, and species performance. Users can choose charts and histograms that display results at the city or neighborhood level, by tree type or species.
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