How do I import my existing inventory into Streets?

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How do I import my existing inventory into Streets?

Post by azelaya » Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:35 am

There are a few steps to prepare an existing inventory for import into i-Tree Streets. You will ultimately need to have your existing tree inventory formatted according to the requirements in the Streets User’s Manual on page 25. This typically involves changing existing tree species codes to Streets species codes and modifying other data into Streets format and data types. Once your data is properly formatted, it will then need to be in an Access database table to allow for import into a new Streets project.

Here are a few helpful resources:

Streets Import Guide
There is a Streets Import Guide that we have available to complement the Streets User's manual which walks users through the formatting and import process in detailed steps. See the Resources – Archives section of the website and then see the information available under the Streets Existing Inventory Import Resources tab.

Streets Import Videos
We also have (3) short instructional videos available on the i-Tree Video Learning page. These screencasts are designed to show the basic steps of how to properly format data, set up an i-Tree Streets project and import existing data from a spreadsheet or external tree inventory into i-Tree Streets.

i-Tree Streets Species Codes
A spread sheet with Streets species codes for each climate zone is also available.

Example of Formatted Data
There is also an Excel spreadsheet example which has raw tree inventory data before and after formatting for Streets.

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