Can a GIS inventory be integrated with i-Tree

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Can a GIS inventory be integrated with i-Tree

Post by i-Tree Support » Sat Sep 24, 2011 12:51 am

Unfortunately, the i-Tree Tools do not have integration features for working directly with a GIS or mapping system. The i-Tree Tools are urban forest assessment tools designed to provide ecosystem service information of a given resource. Therefore, they do not have the same features of other traditional tools that are designed for mapping and daily management of trees. As such, there will be some limitations to using i-Tree tools in conjunction with a GIS.

i-Tree Streets
The i-Tree Streets program, which is designed for street tree assessment, allows users to collect GPS coordinates within the program if a data collection device is compatible with i-Tree and also has GPS capabilities. However, the Streets program will just hold the GPS coordinates and doesn’t interface directly with a GIS system for mapping or easy data transfer. A user could migrate the data from Streets into a GIS to produce maps if they had those skills and software available.

i-Tree Eco
i-Tree Eco is designed for assessing trees in all areas but has extensive data requirements ... ations.pdf beyond tree species and dbh. Eco has an option to allow for complete inventory data collection but doesn’t have GPS functionality like the Streets program. It is possible to use an external GPS and collect coordinates and manually enter into the Eco program.

i-Tree importing options
Streets and Eco do allow external inventory data to be imported into the applications which is one of the more common uses for i-Tree. External data can be imported into an i-Tree Streets or Eco inventory project if species codes and formatting of all data is compatible with the applications. However, most external tree inventory data requires some re-formatting before importing into Streets or Eco. Here is a link to a forum posts which has resources for importing external inventory data into i-Tree Streets ... 1399#p1399 .

In short, the i-Tree programs may be able to provide information to illustrate the ecosystem services value that community trees are providing but the i-Tree programs may not be the easiest option for integration with a GIS system to meet daily tree management objectives. Many people use i-Tree in conjunction with more traditional tree inventory and asset management tools to periodically estimate ecosystem services of trees. Typically, i-Tree users will conduct an assessment with Streets or Eco every 5 years or so depending on management objectives and available resources.

The University of Florida has a 2009 comparison of more traditional inventory and asset management tools which also includes i-Tree at the following link . The 2009 comparison may not have information on more newer systems.

System requirements for i-Tree and information regarding some data collection devices that are compatible can be found on the following Systems Requirements page
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