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i-tree canopy shapefiles

Post by danrogers » Thu Mar 31, 2011 3:59 pm

I am having a difficult time finding the right geographic projection in order to get the polygon to show up in the canopy application/google viewer. Tried some of the common ones like NAD 1983.prj but it still won't show up in the viewer. Thoughts?
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i-Tree Canopy Reprojection

Post by azelaya » Sun Apr 03, 2011 11:25 pm

Here are basic instructions for reprojecting a shapefile in ArcMap to use in i-Tree Canopy. Please also note Reprojection is a mathematical conversion and is not something that can just be assigned.

To reproject a shapefile in ArcMap

1. Make sure ArcToolBox is visible

2. Go Data Management Tools > Projections and Transformations > Feature > Project

On the “Project” window:

3. For the Input Dataset or Feature Class - browse to the desired shapefile

a. (once loaded, the CURRENT Input Coordinate System should be displayed)

4. For the Output Dataset or Feature Class - accept or modify the suggested shapefile name as desired

5. Click the properties button to select the Output Coordinate System

In the ensuing dialog window:

a. click the Select... button on the XY Coordinate System tab

b. Go Geographic Coordinate Systems>World>WGS84.prj and click Add

c. Click OK

Back on the Project dialog window:

6. Under Geographic Transformation (optional) select the first choice available

7. Click OK

The shapefile should be “reprojected” to Latitude/Longitude. From i-Tree Canopy, navigate to its output location and select it.
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