i-Tree Installation Error: Microsoft Visual C++ could not be found

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i-Tree Installation Error: Microsoft Visual C++ could not be found

Post by Jason.Henning » Thu Sep 05, 2019 3:07 pm

Some users have reported recently (9/5) that the i-Tree downloaded installer is giving them an error message that reads something like, "An error occurred while downloading the file ... vcredist.exe". After canceling that error the i-Tree software will fail to install with another message stating, "The files for installation requirement Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64 or x86) could not be found." This file is necessary to make older parts of the i-Tree software work with modern systems. Previously, Microsoft had hosted these installers for all to access but they have recently removed the 2005 files. In the future these files will be included in the i-Tree installer to avoid this issue.
In the meantime users can download the necessary files from the links below. Users should download these files in order and install them in order. Users on 32-bit systems do not need the (x64) versions (items 1 and 3) but all other users should download all files. If you continue to have issues with the i-Tree software installation after installing these files please contact us at info@itreetools.org. If you can send us screenshots of error messages you are seeing that can be help us best diagnose the issue.
This post will be deleted once the updated i-Tree installer is released.
1. http://support.itreetools.org/i-Tree%20 ... st_x64.exe
2. http://support.itreetools.org/i-Tree%20 ... st_x86.exe
3. http://support.itreetools.org/i-Tree%20 ... st_x64.exe
4. http://support.itreetools.org/i-Tree%20 ... st_x86.exe
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