Species not included in Species list

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Species not included in Species list

Post by aserafinsteere » Fri Aug 30, 2019 4:36 pm

I have several species in my inventory that are not included in the i-Tree Eco Species list. Some I think are just a result of outdated nomenclature. But others are just not there. Suggestions other than just defaulting to the genera?
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Re: Species not included in Species list

Post by Jason.Henning » Fri Aug 30, 2019 7:39 pm

Thanks for the question. The i-Tree Eco list currently includes more than 8,000 species, https://www.itreetools.org/documents/48 ... xmUKb.xlsx. It has pretty good coverage for most species in the US but may be missing some international species and some tropical species. If your species are not in the list your options are:
1. Select a similar species, from the same genus if possible, that will have a similar growth form, growth rate, leaf shape, etc. to your desired species. The accuracy of this approach depends on the similarity between your species and the species selected.
2. Use one of the general categories you mentioned. That would be Magnoliopsida for hardwood and Pinopsida for softwoods. Other classes names are also available. Those general categories will use average characteristics of all of the species in that class that we have data for.
3. Add your species through i-Tree Database, https://database.itreetools.org/#/splash. Users have the option of adding species through i-Tree Database for permanent inclusion in i-Tree Eco. Users need to provide a number of characteristics for their species so that the trees can be accurately modeled within i-Tree Eco. Species added through i-Tree Database will typically be integrated in the next software update release of i-Tree Eco which can take up to six months. You can collect data on those trees using a placeholder species then update your project when the software update including the new species is released.

Hopefully one of these options will work for you. If you think your species may already be in the list but you are unable to find them, then please send us a list of those species at the i-Tree support email, info@itreetools.org.
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