How was Crown Light Exposure (CLE) and Land Use modified in Eco v6 in the iTree2019 release?

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How was Crown Light Exposure (CLE) and Land Use modified in Eco v6 in the iTree2019 release?

Post by azelaya » Sun Feb 17, 2019 9:29 pm

The crown light exposure (CLE) entry is now used as the determining factor to apply a biomass adjustment factor (BAF). Trees with a CLE of 4 or 5 will have the 0.8 multiplier applied to their biomass and carbon storage estimates. All other trees will have their biomass and carbon storage estimated without the reduction of the 0.8 multiplier. Potential changes in Eco v6 estimates include: carbon , precipitation and pollution estimates due to potential changes in growth and subsequent leaf area.

The BAF is meant to account for the fact that i-Tree biomass equations are largely from natural forests but trees in urban areas are impacted by human activities such as man-made structures and pruning that reduce their biomass relative to their natural forest counterparts. In the past the BAF was applied only to trees occurring on land uses likely to have an urban character.

The new methodology no longer relies on land use but now uses CLE (crown light exposure) to determine if the BAF should be applied. Land use no longer impacts tree biomass or carbon storage and will only affect structural values. Additional documentation regarding this methods change is not available at this time and will be posted when available.

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