How can I find the date of the imagery in i-Tree Canopy?

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How can I find the date of the imagery in i-Tree Canopy?

Post by Jason.Henning » Mon Oct 06, 2014 8:36 am

Unfortunately, we are limited to the imagery provided in Google Maps. We do not provide any of the imagery used in the i-Tree Canopy tool it is all provided through a link with Google Maps. There is no straightforward way to tell the date of the imagery used in i-Tree Canopy because Google Maps does not provide this information.

However, an easy way to verify the date for a Google Maps Image (which is what is used in Canopy) is to check out the same area in Google Earth. In Google Earth (you can download it here ... sktop.html) the date of the imagery is listed along the bottom of the map. You will want to verify that you are indeed looking at the exact same images in i-Tree Canopy and Google Earth (i.e. cars are in the same place, same buildings are present, etc.). Most of the time both are using the latest imagery but if they don’t look identical Google Earth has a timeline slider represented by small clock icon (see atached) that you can use to look at historical imagery to find the one that matches.
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