Understanding the MyTree Values & Formulas

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Understanding the MyTree Values & Formulas

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My name is Jack and I'm an arborist at Tree First. We are currently working on writing an article and reference the values given after running two trees through the MyTree system. What we are scratching our heads at is how exactly how these numbers are calculated? (i.e. formulas, equations etc). Anything that you think would be helpful for when we try to explain and relay the information to our customers/audience.
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Re: Understanding the MyTree Values & Formulas

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Hi Jack,
Thanks for your interest in i-Tree.
All of the i-Tree methods are described in our Understanding i-Tree document. The methods for MyTree, and all of the online tools, represent a simplification of the methods used in i-Tree Eco. Each of the ecosystem services is derived from a different set of models. The carbon and energy related ecosystem services are nearly identical to those used in i-Tree Eco. The pollution and stormwater models rely on county level runs of the i-Tree Eco models using localized weather and pollution data that are then used to estimate the ecosystem services of your trees based on their estimated amounts of leaf surface area.
Hope that helps.
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