Excel template for STRATUM data

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Re: Excel template for STRATUM data

Post by mathygreen »

We very much appreciate the use of the template for our work;

however, we have found some discrepancies (and I am not sure I am allowed to attach a template).

As we have been reformatting existing inventories, we have found some items that may cause fustration for users.

In the template, TreeID Zone StreetSeg CityManaged SpCode have an apostrophe before the word.

This will need to be deleted before processing. Also note, TreeID is no longer used in Streets.

It is now ID. The template is a great tool and we appreciate someone putting it together.

These additions should make things a little easier.
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Re: Excel template for STRATUM data

Post by Erika.Teach »


Thank you for pointing out issues you have encountered with that template. STRATUM is no longer a supported software tool, therefore any supporting documents will not be updated. We encourge users to conduct i-Tree Eco projects instead. To find information about this tool go here, https://www.itreetools.org/tools/i-tree-eco

Best regards, Erika
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