regarding tree cover

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regarding tree cover

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I have noticed that in some cases the tree cover is expressed in terms of m2 or even Hectares and sometime in % . Is there a rule of when it is used in what cases?? and is there a formula to let say use always %?

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Re: regarding tree cover

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The % cover is generated when there is a project area defined in the Project Configuration> Project and Strata Area dialog for an Eco project. If there is no project area defined such as for a complete inventory of random trees in a complete inventory, then Eco will summarize the canopy coverage of the surveyed or inventoried trees only, and express that as meters squared.

Eco v6 has the option for defining a project area for a complete inventory also such as for a park, neighborhood, corporate/college campus. In these cases, you will also see a %cover value based on the project area being covered by tree cover. The model also generates canopy cover (m2) of the individual trees surveyed which can be seen in the individual Tree Data report - see the Canopy Cover(m2) or (fts). Eco sample projects using plots always require a project area in the project configuration and you will see both types of canopy results generated.

Finally, if you use the complete inventory option and do not decide to provide a project area in the Project Configuration> Project and Strata Area dialog, the per unit area reports will not be generated such as Carbon Sequestered per acre for your study. Again, this is up to the user and their project, as it may not be practical to apply an area if using Eco to enter a few random trees or a tree in a yard.

You can see this in the Eco sample projects also as the UGA Campus study has an area defined of 600 acres and produces both results.
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