My Shapefile is not loading properly or visible in Canopy

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My Shapefile is not loading properly or visible in Canopy

Post by azelaya » Fri Sep 23, 2011 11:57 pm

There are a few common problems that users seem to encounter when they load a shapefile into Canopy and the screen goes black or doesn't load at all.

1. You only need to select the *.shp file when loading a shapefile. Although there are numerous other files associated with an ArcGIS shapefile, Canopy only needs the .shp file.

2. A basic outline of reprojection steps is also on the forum ... ght=canopy

3. Canopy cannot handle shapefile polygon data that contain Z-values. This can be determined when you open the attribute table of the boundary file. If your shapefile is a PolygonZ or Polygon ZM shape type, there are online instructions as to how to convert the polygon in

Note: it will still be necessary to convert your shapefile to a geographic projection. A how-to video is available at the following link using free QGIS software to deal with the common "Invalid Projection Format" error when loading a shapefile in i-Tree Canopy.

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