IPED training

This initiative incorporates detection and identification of pest problems within urban and community street tree inventories. Persons wishing to participate should address a request to the moderator to be included in the Academic group; only Pest Usergroup members may post here.

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IPED training

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From the current IPED series of 4 webcasts, only one is available for replay. When will the rest be posted and where
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IPED Training online

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The first (2) IPED workshops are now available and the 3rd should be shortly at the following link. http://www.unri.org/webcasts/iped/

The i-Tree webinars can also be accessed from this link http://www.unri.org/webcasts/itree/i-tr ... o-archive/

We will also link the i-Tree website to the UNRI archived site for access also once the workshop series is complete.

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