Water related benefits in i-Eco 5 vs 4

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Water related benefits in i-Eco 5 vs 4

Post by rgthurau » Wed Nov 28, 2012 6:32 pm

I have i-eco data processed in version 4. I re-processed data in version 5 because of the additional benefits related to interception (supposed to report annual interception by species and land use).

The written report produced by version 5 gives no information regarding interception.

From the i-Eco software, when I go to the drop-down report for interception, I get an error window saying "No Data".

Is there a way to get the interception data from the report from existing data, or are there some new fields that were not required in version 4?


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Opening Eco v4 project in Eco v5 for new rainfall reports

Post by azelaya » Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:57 pm

Your Eco version 4 project does not have some of the new output files and databases produced in the analysis process needed to generate some of the version 5 Eco reports such as the rainfall interception tables.

You can resubmit your existing v4 project for processing after updating to Eco version 5. You should then receive a new set of processed output files, which can be loaded into your Eco project. You will receive a notice when loading the new processed results asking to repopulate existing data. This is okay to accept and should allow you to generate the updated Eco version 5 reports.

The rainfall data has not been integrated into the written report yet but will be soon. There are only stand-alone rainfall interception reports available at this time. You do not need additional data for rainfall other than processing. If none of the issues mentioned above describe or resolve your issue, please send your packed Eco project as an attachment to the info@itreetools.org along with the file name of the processed results and we can take a look at it.

For others migrating Eco v4 projects to v5, I would also suggest keeping an archive copy of your current Eco version 4 project with the associated databases for future reference or comparison. You can use the File - Pack Project option to make a zip file of the input & report databases and (*.iEco) Eco project file.

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