% palm cover in UFORE PDA

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% palm cover in UFORE PDA

Post by fescobed » Wed Feb 07, 2007 6:53 am

I'll be using the UFORE PDA application in south Florida

I want to collect % Palm cover along with % Shrub cover,% tree cover, and % plantable space (page 68 in the i-Tree v.1 users manual). I do not want to know palm function (since I know UFORE can not do this) but I do want to analyze% palm cover by land use.

So, 1. How and where can I record % Palm cover for the UFORE field plot in the PDA UFORE application?? Will I have to text this into the comment section?
2. Once I do have % palm (paper or PDA) I assume I will have to do 2 UFORE runs: one with tree-shrub and the other tree-palm (substituting the % palm for %shrub),

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Post by Heythatsmybike » Wed Feb 07, 2007 2:47 pm

There are two ways that this issue can be resolved. You will have to decide whether you want to include palm cover as a ground cover or something equal to tree cover. If you want it to be a ground cover (e.g., grass, herbaceous cover) then when you set up the pda application you could add it as an additional ground cover. The negative to that is it would compete with ground covers found below the palm canopy.

The second would be as you indicated in your post. The user will need to record it in the comment section of the plot information screen on the pda, or in the manual data entry program. If you choose this option please write a description of how you recorded it in the notes section when you upload your data to the FTP site.

To answer your second question, yes it will be necessary to run your data through the UFORE Model twice. The palm cover will be summerized and sent to you in a separate e-mail.

Good luck to you in the upcoming data gathering season.
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