Eco v6.1.23 questions - migrating from Streets to Eco

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Eco v6.1.23 questions - migrating from Streets to Eco

Post by mfreilicher » Fri Jan 11, 2019 1:59 pm


I am helping a community possibly migrate their inventory of newly planted trees from Streets to Eco and have a few questions on data fields in Eco:

Address field - The address field in Eco appears to be a text entry field with # and street name in one field, rather than having a separate building # field and street name picklist/dropdown like in Streets. Will that be changing at all to match Streets in a future version or will it be staying as a one-box text entry? (The new GPS entry is great, but it is always nice to have an easy way to enter an address as backup.)

Comments field - What is the character limit for the comments field? The community has a wealth of historical information that they would like to keep with the electronic tree records.

Zones/Strata - In Streets, the community used Zones to capture particular areas, like a particular cemetery or common, as an additional descriptor on the location. I have entered these as strata in Eco and estimated their size, but was wondering if/how that will impact the model output. The inventory is set up as a complete inventory.

I am loving the import tool for getting existing data into Eco.

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Re: Eco v6.1.23 questions - migrating from Streets to Eco

Post by Erika.Teach » Tue Jan 15, 2019 1:36 pm


Address Field: At this point there are not plans to change the way addresses are inputted into Eco. I will pass this suggestion along to the team.

Comment Field: Character limit is 255

Strata: In designating strata in a project, the composition, structure, and benefits reports that contain information on per unit area of strata will be impacted by the chosen area of the strata. So, if the chosen area is not correct, those outputs will be inaccurate. Of course, users do not have to use the information contained in those reports.

Hope this helps, Erika
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