Quick data mapping question

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Quick data mapping question

Post by NewAlbanyForestry » Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:06 am

Hi everyone,

Quick question, and yes I've already thumbed through the EcoV6 user's manual, when mapping DBH to an Eco Field, what is the difference between DBH 1 (in)*, DBH 1: Height (ft), and DBH 1: Measured? For previous projects I've simply used DBH 1 (in)*, assuming the * denoted a required attribute and that it was taking my DBH measurement in inches. I just wanted to double check.

Heaps thanks,

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Re: Quick data mapping question

Post by Jason.Henning » Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:58 pm

Hi Chris,
Here's a quick rundown of those various DBH related fields.
The DBH 1 (in) field is indeed required for all projects and that is where you would enter the DBH of a single stem tree in inches. The additional fields, DBH 2 (in) through DBH 6 (in), are for use if you have a mutli-stem tree and want to enter in additional diameters for upto the 6 largest stems. Collecting multiple stems, if they are present, will increase the accuracy of the model results.
The DBH 1: Height (ft) field is for use if you measure the diameter at a height other than 4.5 feet due to things like defects or forking that are covered in the field manual. That height measurement has two purposes. First, it allows Eco to estimate what the diameter would be at 4.5 feet without the defect which is then used in many of the ecosystem service models. Second, if you plan on remeasuring these trees in the future it allows you to capture the height of measurement for irregular stems allowing you to make sure you mare measuring at the same height. If you don't have this variable for you imported data i-Tree Eco just assumes all diameters are measured at 4.5 feet.
The DBH 1: Measured field is just a check box where you can indicate whether the stem was actually measured or was estimated by eye. In some cases you may not be able to physically put a tape on a tree due to things like vines or access issues, but you may still be able to estimate the diameter. Similarly, some inventories are less concerned with accuracy and make all measurements by eye often in two inch classes. This field allows you to keep track of the measurement accuracy which can help if you will be remeasuring these trees. This field is completely optional and has no impact on the Eco results. It is only there to inform the project user about the input data methods.
Thanks for the question.
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