How to mass import species into i-Tree Streets?

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How to mass import species into i-Tree Streets?

Post by wgrunberg » Tue May 06, 2014 4:14 pm

How can I mass import (or bulk load) species into i-Tree Streets?

I have separate species lists with i-Tree Streets species equivalents ("assigned species values") for multiple communities in Arizona's three climate zones and would like to avoid adding them manually to each project.

I briefly looked into Species.mdb but even if I figure it out, I am not sure I can save changes in the correct Access/Jet DB Engine version.
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Re: How to mass import species into i-Tree Streets?

Post by azelaya » Fri May 16, 2014 3:57 pm

There is not a method to mass import species directly into the Streets interface. User's are advised to contact us directly by email at to explore other options of dealing with the Streets species list which involve working directly in the Access database structure.
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