Complete Inventories for Parks, Cemetery and housing project

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Complete Inventories for Parks, Cemetery and housing project

Post by rfwoodvt » Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:26 am

I've worked with several of the Itools through my affiliation with the NE Urban Forest Strike team but alas, I've not paid as much attention as I might have! :oops:

I'm a commercial arborist and am in the process of preparing proposals for inventories for individual parks, cemeteries and housing projects.

Each inventory will be complete for the respective parcel and is intended to keep track of the individual trees for valuation, identification, relative location of the tree (some parcels with GIS and some merely descriptive descriptive), condition, Risk Analysis values and records of maintenance over time.

Some of the sites are municipal and others private, NFP.

Which of the Itools would work best for the initial inventory of each parcel?

Thanks in advance!
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Complete inventories for Parks & Cemeteries

Post by azelaya » Sat Jul 21, 2012 3:40 pm

The Eco full inventory option can be used for assessing ecosystem services for park, cemetery or campus-like trees . i-Tree is not designed to keep track of work histories over time or other elements such as risk analysis that you may be interested in as it is not an asset management tool.

Here is a forum post link which discusses limitations and considerations further and has links to other resources which you may also want to consider.

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