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Post here questions, comments, and suggestions about the general i-Tree project. To avoid duplication, please be sure to check the i-Tree website and the FAQs before posting. Relevant topics include background, purpose, requirements, hardware, installation, training and events.

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getting started

Post by zoeybrookshire » Mon Jan 26, 2009 4:23 pm

Is it possible for an unafilliated, non government, non academic to use i tree as an eco activist? If so, where do I start?
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Getting started

Post by azelaya » Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:06 am


No, you do not have to be affiliated with a government agency or academic institution to obtain or use the i-Tree tools. You can request a copy of the CD from the i-Tree website at . Although the i-Tree tools are often used by municipalities, they are adaptable to many scales and applications.

As for getting started, I would first spend some time learning more about the i-Tree tools that are available to you by browsing the i-Tree website and also the forum. You will get a fair overview of the applications including advantages and potential barriers that may be relevant to your goals. The i-Tree tools can provide you with some really powerful information about community trees. However, it is still up to individuals to be able to synthesize that data as an effective advocacy tool or as a foundation to implement progressive tree programs & policies.

Lastly, I would suggest exploring if there are others who share the same interests as you do in your area who may be interested in working with you. The Alliance for Community Trees has resources and a listing of member organizations with similar missions in each state

You may also want to contact your state or regional urban forestry coordinator as they may be able to offer suggestions and even help you get connected with local tree boards in your area ... nators.cfm

Good luck!
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