Eco v6 mobile data collection species and strata errors

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Eco v6 mobile data collection species and strata errors

Post by hannah_walker » Tue May 08, 2018 10:06 am

I'm using mobile data collection for 10 plots in an urban area.

I have encountered two problems:

1. When I finished inputting data into the mobile data collector, I submitted my data from the mobile data collection website to my project, and once I had done that all plots and trees disappeared, though I didn't choose to reload the project. Is that normal? Did I need to click submit, or could I just Retrieve from mobile in the Eco application?

2. I retrieved my data from the server into my i-Tree Eco project, checked the data, and got the following errors:

---FATAL ERRORS (These errors will prevent your project from being processed and must be fixed first.):

---ERROR: Strata abbreviation contains spaces
Please go to Project Configuration > Project & Strata Area to correct the strata

---ERROR: Invalid tree species.
Plots with the following IDs have invalid tree species: (2). Please go to Data > Plots to correct this error.)

Can I correct these without starting again (since my data disappeared from the mobile data collector)?

I tried to go to Projects & Strata Area, and Plots, and I could change the Strata abbreviation, though of course it didn't change in the plots and trees data (presumably I would need to re-submit to mobile and do the data collection over again). I was able to enter a species, but I then got an error message saying ---"PRKA1" is not a valid species code--- despite me having chosen a species from the drop-down menu. I then couldn't close the application or do anything else because the species code error popped up whatever I did. I forced the application to close using Task Manager, and the same problem occurred when I reopened the project.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Re: Eco v6 mobile data collection species and strata errors

Post by Jason.Henning » Fri May 11, 2018 8:53 am

Hi Hannah,
I'll try to answer you questions in order.
1. You do need to submit the data from your mobile device. Once you submit it resides on our server until you retrieve it into your project on your PC. The records do disappear from the web form so that we don't end up with records on our server that are different from what you have in the web form. If you need to edit those records again you can either do it directly in your project on the PC or you can send those records back out for mobile data collection. For more details on the process you may want to review these video walkthroughs, ... y&index=10, ... hW-SL4QHry and ... y&index=12.
2. You should be able to correct all of those errors without starting again. Once you change the abbreviations of the strata you should be able to then edit your plot data or tree data as needed. You may need to turn the editing mode to "on" to allow for editing of those records. Make sure you have have submitted and retrieved all of your mobile data before you make an edits. You will like want to generate a new mobile link and reload the project on your mobile device so that the new species code abbreviations are used once you make all the necessary edits. As for the unknown species code this is a known bug that will be corrected in a future release. Essentially, a few species were removed or changed in one of the underlying databases. You should select another species or the genus if there is nothing comparable in the species list. If you continue to experience issues with the species names please create a packed project from the "File" menu in Eco and send it to us at

Also, you may want to make sure that your Eco program is up to date by clicking on the "Software update" button under the "Support" tab in Eco.

Thanks for your questions,
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Re: Eco v6 mobile data collection species and strata errors

Post by hannah_walker » Wed May 16, 2018 7:06 am

Thanks Jason, that's brilliant. I had forgotten about sending the data from the application back out for mobile collection, that makes it much easier.
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