unknown species in Eco

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unknown species in Eco

Post by pete.stewart » Tue Apr 03, 2018 1:35 pm

I'm new to i-Tree, and working with a campus inventory of about 10,000 trees. Around 200 of these are recorded as unknown species, but are categorized by TreeType values (BDL, BDM, BDS, ...) which I think are from i-Tree Streets. It doesn't look like either the common or scientific species lists use those TreeType values in Eco. Is there any way to include measurements of these trees in Eco modeling?
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Re: unknown species in Eco

Post by Jason.Henning » Wed Apr 04, 2018 9:39 am

Yes you are correct that those codes are from Streets. There isn't anything directly comparable in Eco, but Eco does have some "other" categories you can use. The categories are at the family level. In Eco that would be "Hardwood (Magnoliopsida)" for the trees in Street's broadleaf (BDS, BDM, and BDL) categories and "Softwood (Pinopsida)" for the the tree in Street's conifer (CES, CEM, and CEL) categories. Alternatively, you could select some other representative genus if you have any sense what those unknown species might be. If not, selecting those broader family levels in Eco will essentially use the average model for all species in that family.
Hope that gives you some options.
Thanks for the question.
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