Average Condition

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Average Condition

Post by hdelaconcha » Thu Mar 15, 2018 6:56 pm

I am almost finish on the park inventory of Merida and have a couple of questions: (1) In the Summary by SPecies Report in the report by Strata and SPecies there is an Average Condition in %, how is this calculated? do you use the midpoint from the range and a simple or a weighted average?

(2) when I loaded the strata I did not know how many trees were going to be in the parks, and it turns out that some parks did not have any. The quesition is should I delete them from my strata? will the area from this park affect some calculations? or they can stay there and not worry? :?:

I hope to finish data colletion in a couple of weeks, I am looking forward for the restoration on line of the Merida data to be able to run the final results. I have running some for C&S analysis purpooses to start cheking them.

Horacio de la Concha
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Re: Average Condition

Post by jason_gmail » Tue Mar 20, 2018 8:43 am

1. The average condition for a complete inventory is calculated as the average of the % condition or % dieback (depending on your choice during project set-up) for all trees within a given stratum or project. Those average percentages are then converted into a condition category (i.e. good, fair, poor, etc.). To see how the specific percentages are converted into report categories you can view that by going to Project Configuration>Dieback/Condition. That table is actually editable so you can change how the percentage dieback/condition corresponds to the reported categories. The reported categories cannot be edited.
2. Any strata without trees will be ignored for all calculations. That may or may not be ideal for your situation. Things like the number of trees per unit area will not include parks with no trees. If you are trying to come up with number of trees per hectare for all parks (including those without trees) you would need to calculate that outside of i-Tree Eco since those empty parks/strata will be ignored within Eco.
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