Estimates on the number of i-Tree studies conducted

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Estimates on the number of i-Tree studies conducted

Post by arahmlow » Tue Aug 04, 2015 11:51 am

I am in the process of conducting a street tree sample in the US and was wondering, is there somewhere I could go to find an estimate of the total number of studies/projects which have been conducted using i-Tree software? What about a count of academic/scientific publications which incorporated an i-tree suite?

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Re: Estimates on the number of i-Tree studies conducted

Post by azelaya » Thu Aug 06, 2015 6:20 am

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to accurately estimate a total number of i-Tree studies since we really don’t have a good way of monitoring how people use i-Tree after they request a CD or download the software.

Since there are multiple tools in the suite, we don’t know which tool a person may be using or if they may be using multiple tools. Additionally, some may just request the software and never move beyond that. We also have schools that request 1 copy and load it on labs for class use, etc.

We can keep track of some i-Tree tools like i-Tree Eco since that currently requires processing on our server but that too is difficult to capture as a project could be submitted multiple times if a user is running multiple scenarios for the same project. It is also hard to distinguish a true project compared to single tree without digging into extensive server data for details. The following link is to a map of Eco users based on processing from our server combined with manually processed international projects from 2014 ... ly2014.jpg

We can also monitor our newer web tools like Design and Canopy through hits on certain pages indicating a user has engaged the tool beyond the entry screen. Nonetheless, we are limited in the true user details we can capture without crossing over privacy conventions.

We use i-Tree CD requests and downloads as a proxy to measure “i-Tree users” understanding that it is not a true metric. We have a couple i-Tree user maps on the i-Tree website that we point people to when they are interested in this type of info. These are probably from 2014. ... -users.jpg

Here is a link to a document in the Resources - Archives section containing many i-Tree Eco related research journal articles and publications ... s_2012.pdf You may need to do a literature search/investigation to find more as this is probably what was known by the USFS Northern Research Station.

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