iTree Eco in the UK

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iTree Eco in the UK

Post by samturner6 » Sat Nov 09, 2013 1:22 pm

Hi Everyone,

I am considering undertaking an iTree Eco assessment of a selection of the trees in Leeds. I am familiar with some of the iTree suite but have never attempted such a large scale project as this. If anyone has any advice or experience of conducting iTree Eco projects in the UK and would be willing to give me any pointers or advice then that would be great. Particularly for locating some of the hourly pollutant data.

Thanks for your time.


Sam Turner
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i-Tree Eco in the U.K.

Post by azelaya » Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:03 am

This post was forwarded to parties in the U.K. who have experience with Eco projects and they may contact you directly. Here is some basic info regarding pollution data sources in the U.K. as supplied by Kenton Rogers from Treeconomics:

These are freely available from monitoring stations across the UK but they will need reformatting before sending to the states with your project. They can be found here:

DEFRA (2010A). Pre-formatted files of automatic monitoring
data. [Online] Available at:

Please note that when the data is returned the values for pollution removal will relate to US abatement costs but official UK values are based on the estimated social cost of the pollutant in terms of impact upon human health, damage to buildings and crops. These values are taken from the IIGCB economic analysis report.
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