how to apply i-Tree eco to private homestead windbreak

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how to apply i-Tree eco to private homestead windbreak

Post by bixia » Fri Aug 20, 2021 8:10 am

I am wondering whether i-Tree eco fits good to our homestead windbreaks. We are based in Okinawa, Japan. We have been measuring all windbreak trees surrounding the private homestead. The village stareted to plant these windbreaks approximately 300 years. I have surveyed more than 20 survey sites and measured more than 25 thousand trees. I have data of tree DBH and height. We want to use data to calculate the monetoray value of these trees. The major tree species is Garcinia subelliptica. I just tried to run for a village data. I have some questions. The i-Tree only have location of Tokyo, but I hope to add local sites. What can I do? I got the result of a total amount of carbon storage price, etc. However, I have expected to see a data base of excel. Do I have to contract with i-Tree to have detailed result? The primary quesiton is what you think about applying i-Tree eco to our homestead windbreaks. Thank you .
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Re: how to apply i-Tree eco to private homestead windbreak

Post by Jason.Henning » Fri Aug 20, 2021 11:05 am

I responded to some of these questions in your other forum post but I wanted to respond to your question about results in Excel. It sounds like you may be most interested in a table showing ecosystem services for individual trees. You can access this table in i-Tree Eco by going to the "Reports" tab and selecting "Individual Level Results">"Tree Benefits and Costs Summary". Once you have that report open you can export it to a spreadsheet by clikcing on the "CSV" button. Alternatively, you can save the report to an Excel spreadsheet by clicking on the small disc icon in the upper left corner of the report window and changing the file type to correspond with your desired output format.
Additionally, one of the i-Tree modelers is from Japan and has helped with the Tokyo location integrations. If you would like me to connect you with him please email me at and I will share your email address. It may be helpful to discuss your project with someone with more local knowledge.
Thank you for interest in i-Tree.
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