Species issues failing to process in v1.2.0

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Species issues failing to process in v1.2.0

Post by azelaya » Mon May 13, 2019 7:57 pm

As of 16May2019 - these issues have been resolved in the Planting Calculator. The generic species have been removed and problematic cultivar name formatting is working properly. if you are still experiencing problems, please try clearing your browser cache and relaunch the browser. If problematic species are still encountered, please report submit these to info@itreetools.org email for investigation. Thank you.

As of 13May2019 there are known issues with the i-Tree Planting Calculator v1.2.0. The application is failing to process estimates when submitting a list for processing due to problematic species that are available in the drop down lists.

Generic Species Names - The generic species names available in all locations should not be used and will return the following message: No data available in table. Examples of these generic trees in Planting are "Other Broadleaf Deciduous Medium" or "Other Conifer Evergreen Large" or "Unknown Small". Please select a substitute tree species that is of similar size to your desired tree in these cases to avoid this issue. The generic tree species will be eliminated in future updates as the calculator species list is updated to be more fully based from the i-Tree Eco application.

California Cultivar Species - with the cultivar name in single quotation marks are failing to process in the Planting Calculator and are generating the following message: planting.itreetools.org says: Please, fill out a Location, its Parameters, and the Trees in order to generate a Report.

Tree species such as Zelkova, Japanese 'Village Green' will generate this error. in the California location drop down lists. Users are advised to re-select a substitute tree without the cultivar name such as plain Zelkova, Japanese.

This post will be updated when the application is updated.
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