Known Issue: Eco v6 crashing & Streets reports failing

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Known Issue: Eco v6 crashing & Streets reports failing

Post by azelaya » Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:00 am

A recent Oct 2017 Microsoft Windows update is causing issues with i-Tree Eco v6 and i-Tree Streets.

i-Tree Streets issues:
i-Tree Streets reports fail and generate errors. The error messages may be similar to the following:

• Report Error - An error occurred while trying to generate the report. The requested report cannot be displayed.
• Unhandled Exception error: Unexpected error from the external database driver (1).
• Input - Depine Species dialog may display red explanation errors and prevent normal operation.

i-Tree Streets reports that failed included the Replacement Value, Importance Value, Canopy Cover reports, and all Benefit Reports fail to display also. Other structural reports may work. Note - prior to the Microsoft Update, i-Tree Streets reports should have been working fine.

i-Tree Eco v6 issues:
The following error message may be received when trying to launch one of the example reports or during normal project configuration steps:
• Eco v6 has stopped working -

IMPORTANT - an identical Eco v6 error message may be caused by issues related to the Microsoft Database Engine needing updated also. This is described below.

Interim Solution
Microsoft is aware that the patch is causing issues with various third party software but at the moment they have not offered an updated patch or any other remedies. The current solution is to roll back or uninstall those patches until Microsoft releases a corrective patch. The problematic patches are labeled as follows according to which version of Windows you are running.

Windows 10:
• KB4041676
Windows 8:
• KB4041693
Windows 7
• KB4041678
• KB4041681

This link may help you uninstall but please note that this is an external website and i-Tree has not tested it in all instances and can not provide technical support for modifying your Microsoft Windows installation. ... fterwards/

For i-Tree Eco v6 users:
If Eco v6 is still generating the "Eco has stopped working" message after uninstalling the microsoft patch updates, his may be require updating the 2010 Microsoft Database Engine. The instructions for updating the 2010 Access database engine are at the following link viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1360 and also copied below.

Some Eco v6 users working with Windows 10 operating systems have reported random crashing or received the following errors: "i-Tree Eco v6 has stopped working" or "Install the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 to correct this issue"

The online link has a PDF with instructions for updating an underlying Microsoft file that Eco v6 uses, which allows the Eco application to transfer or write data to the underlying Access databases. If this file is problematic, it can cause crashes in Eco v6 especially during project configuration steps preventing Eco from writing your project configuration to the underlying database tables. These crashes should be resolved after updating the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 file for Eco v6 users working with Windows 10 as per the instructions in the pdf. ... Update.pdf

Non related error or issue
If your error message mentions "limited access rights" as an issue, you should ensure that you have full access rights to work in the folder where Eco and i-Tree were installed, along with the folder where you are trying to create your Eco project.
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Re: Known Issue: Eco v6 crashing & Streets reports failing

Post by rcoville » Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:30 am

This issue has been resolved in i-Tree Suite v6.1.20. If you have the software already downloaded on your computer, open one of the apps and update through that. For example, open i-Tree Eco then click on update software in the top menu bar.
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