Hydro v6-beta Water Quality units labeled as kilograms while output is in grams

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Hydro v6-beta Water Quality units labeled as kilograms while output is in grams

Post by rcoville » Thu Sep 24, 2020 2:41 pm

The Hydro v6 (beta) Graphical User Interface (GUI) has a bug in its pollutant loading output. The model's pollutant loading outputs are erroneously presented in grams while being labeled as kilograms, making them 1000x too high. The % change in pollutant loading is correct, but absolute values are 3 orders of magnitude high because of this bug. As a specific example: the Hydro v6.3.4 sample project's base case annual mean total suspended solids (kg) is output as 2,682,568,957.67, but that value is actually in grams and the correct output for the user interface should be 2,682,568.96 kg.

We apologize for any problems this presents and we are working to distribute a fix for this bug.

This bug is present in all versions of Hydro v6 (beta) released up to v6.3.4, but this bug is not present in the latest Hydro+ model. To explain that difference: Development of the Hydro GUI had discontinued as of Hydro v6.3.4, as described on top of the Hydro tool page. Rather than maintain the GUI, we are focusing development on the advanced scientific model behind-the-scenes, which is now available as the Hydro+ tool in the i-Tree Research Suite. The Hydro v6.3.4 GUI (the "frontend") runs the 'stable' Hydro+ model (the "backend", model code revision 377 tagged for i-Tree Hydro v6.3), while development on the Hydro+ model continues without a graphical user interface. This bug is corrected as of revision 565 of Hydro+.
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