International use: date, time, number formatting issues

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International use: date, time, number formatting issues

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The date, time, and number settings for some international users (see a list of countries this applies to here) differs than the United States format that i-Tree Hydro was designed to accept.

For example, in France, decimal points are a comma:

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Fifty and 3 tenths is 50,3
While in the U.S. and in i-Tree Tools, decimal points are a period:

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Fifty and 3 tenths is 50.3
Because of this, some international users will find dates and anything with a decimal being formatted incorrectly, or certain steps of i-Tree Hydro failing to process.

As we develop i-Tree Hydro, we hope to address these issues to make the tool more widely accessible. Until this international limitation is addressed, users can overcome this issue by configuring their computer's regional format settings to match what i-Tree Hydro currently accepts. Instructions for configuring regional formats in Windows 10 are provided below. For other versions of Windows operating systems, the steps will be similar and the required formats will be exactly the same.

**NOTE: Most computers will need to be restarted before the settings changes described below take effect. After following these steps, please restart before checking if formatting issues have been resolved.

1. Navigate to Start > Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Change date, time, or number formats. Configure your settings to match these values:

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Short date: M/d/yyyy
Long date: dddd, MMMM d, yyyy
Short time: h:mm tt
Long time: h:mm:ss tt
If the date and time options needed are not available on the first Regional Format window, then go to the Advanced Settings tabs for Date and Time to enter custom formats that match what is described above.

2. Navigate to the Additional settings... options and configure your settings to match these values:

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Decimal symbol: .
Digit grouping symbol: ,
Standard digits: 0123456789
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