Bulk Landcover Area

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Bulk Landcover Area

Post by TvanLier3 » Tue Mar 02, 2021 2:28 am

Dear Sir/Madam,

I started trying to use i-Tree Hydro. I read the user manual and followed the steps.
Everything was clear but now I stuck on a subject in step 2 'landcover input'.

When I fill in my Bulk Landcover Area data I get an error.
In total I have filled in 100%.
I split up tree canopy (20%) in 10% pervious and 10% impervious. (Or 60% - 10% - 50%)
All of the numbers I filled in had one decimals behind the comma, I had already tried to do it with two decimals or with dots but it does not work.
Even if I try to fill in area instead of percentage it fails.

Can somebody help me?

Kind regards,

Twan Van Lier
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Re: Bulk Landcover Area

Post by rcoville » Tue Mar 02, 2021 12:30 pm

Hi Twan,

Sorry for the trouble you're running into. To help us troubleshoot, would you please clarify the kind of error you get and exactly when it appears?

For example, two errors you might get on step 2 that indicate different types of problems:
A. When you try to press next, a small red triangle with a white exclamation mark will appear next to the fields for land cover inputs, indicating the sums of certain inputs do not add up validly.
B. After you press next, the weather preprocessor begins running, and that can result in errors like "index out of range" if there's a problem with the weather data input and simulation time period.

Based on what you've shared so far, I want to point out a few things which may help:
1. Does "Total Cover" (above the section on "Directly Connected Impervious Area") = 100.0 in the % column? That is a key check that all land cover inputs are entered correctly.
2. Does "Tree Canopy" = "Pervious Under TC" + "Impervious Under TC"? It sounds like yes based on your description, but this is another area where land cover inputs have some room for confusion.
3. Are your decimal points a period, as in "41.30", or a comma, as in "41,30"? Only the first option works. To change that setting, see this FAQ: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=1278&sid=72c931af0 ... 993bfe6282

You can reply here and we will try to get you up and running, or if it's easier on your end, you can email info@itreetools.org and include screenshots of what you are seeing.
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