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Re: Eco6 map

Post by Jason.Henning » Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:53 am

Thanks for the question, it is a good one. At the moment only results, not unprocessed data, can be mapped within the i-Tree Eco application.
After you have submitted your data for processing and retrieved your results please follow these steps to view your data on a map in i-Tree Eco.
1. Go to the "Reports" tab and check the "Coordinates" box under the "Settings" section of the ribbon. This will add latitude and longitude columns to all of your reports.
2. Select the results you want to map. Typically you can only map individual tree or plot level data so you will want to select one of the tables under the "Individual level results" button. The "Composition and Structure of Trees" or the "Tree Benefits and Costs Summary" are often the most useful.
3. Once you have your table of interest open, the "Map Active Report (beta)" button should be available at the far right end of the top ribbon in the "Reports" window. Clicking on that should generate a map with clickable locations for your trees. You can change the underlying map from a street map to an aerial image. Clicking on individual trees or plots will summarize the open report data for that tree.

That map is not very complex or editable. If you would like to just have your raw data in a form that is easy to use in an external map application you can readily export your data as a .kml file. To export to .kml click on the "Data" tab and open your "Plot" or "Tree" data table. Then click on the "kml" button in the header ribbon. A .kml file can be opened in Google Earth or Google's MyMaps, as well as any GIS software (e.g. ArcGIS or the free QGIS).

One note of caution, if you submit your data for processing and retrieve results, the editing mode of your project will automatically be switched to off. This is to keep you from adding new data that would be out of step with your results. If you need to retrieve more field data you should turn the editing mode back to "on". When you make that change in the editing mode your reports will become unavailable, they no longer represent the data in your project. It is not a big deal to submit your project for processing multiple times to see how things are developing. The only thing you should not do is change any of your project set-up parameters, that will make it impossible to retrieve any outstanding data from the mobile data collector.

Thanks again for your question.

PS I saw you had a similar question in the i-Tree Canopy section of the forum. I went ahead and deleted that question.
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