How to collect i-Tree Streets data on Android platform

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How to collect i-Tree Streets data on Android platform

Post by Jerry » Fri Dec 09, 2011 9:34 am

I created a simple data collection form for any device running the Android platform. This form is very simple in design ATM: no device info, no timestamps, no required fields, no logic, no images, no backend server setup. The objective here is to allow individuals (and perhaps even the i-Tree Team?) to test the capabilities of the open-source software collection known as Open Data Kit.

ODK Collect can be used by individuals or groups. It easy to establish a project with multiple data collectors where data is uploaded to a common server and materials can be pushed to all cooperating devices. Also GPS and camera are available as simple fields, since both devices are built into Android.

Installation and use directions

As a consultant, of course, I would be happy to work with anyone interested in using this method for a project. :D
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