What are the pros and cons between i-Tree Streets and Eco?

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What are the pros and cons between i-Tree Streets and Eco?

Post by i-Tree Support » Wed Apr 04, 2007 9:50 am

The main difference between Eco and Streets is that Streets is designed for analysis of street trees, while Eco assesses the entire urban forest ecosystem.

Both models analyze forest structure (species, size class, etc.) from field data, often a sample inventory of some kind. From these data they calculate the forest's function with respect to environmental and aesthetic benefits. Finally, the dollar value of those benefits is calculated using scientifically based and peer-reviewed methods.

There are more detailed descriptions of each application at www.itreetools.org that will help you distinguish between them more easily. In addition, each application has sample projects available within the program which will allow you to examine data requirements & reporting capabilities.
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