How does Streets estimate aesthetic value of trees?

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How does Streets estimate aesthetic value of trees?

Post by Jason.Henning » Thu May 09, 2013 3:01 pm

The values that appear in the results table, “Aesthetic/Other Benefits of Public Trees by Species”, is meant to capture the effect of trees on property values.

The method the i-Tree Streets model uses to determine aesthetic value is based on a study by Anderson and Cordell (1988), "Influence of trees on residential property values in Athens, GA: A survey based on actual sales prices." This publication can be found at the following link

Additional information about i-Tree Streets methodology can be found in the USFS Community Tree Guides for your region. The USFS Community Tree Guides can be accessed from the Resources - Archives page under the i-Tree Streets Reference City Tree Guides tab

Each climate region has a specific guide but the aesthetic benefit methods commonly use regional housing values. The following link is to a PDF of the Lower Midwest Guide see
Appendix3 which discusses aesthetic benefits methods on page 109 & 110. ... st_CTG.pdf

Lastly, you can modify the aesthetic value output by changing the default "Average Resale Home Value" in the "Inputs" >> "Benefit Prices" menu option.
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