How does Eco determine tree condition?

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How does Eco determine tree condition?

Post by azelaya » Wed Oct 19, 2011 11:55 pm

Eco users do not actually enter a condition code for a tree during data collection. However, Eco requires users to provide a % dieback value for each tree which is what the model uses to generate a corresponding tree condition.

The corresponding Eco tree condition outputs and % dieback input values are provided below.

E - Excellent (less than 1% dieback)
G - Good (1 to 10% dieback)
F - Fair (11 to 25% dieback)
P - Poor (26 to 50% dieback)
C - Critical (51 to 75% dieback)
D - Dying (76 to 99% dieback)
K - Dead (100 % dieback- recorded as dead)

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