How do I post stratify my existing i-Tree Eco project?

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How do I post stratify my existing i-Tree Eco project?

Post by i-Tree Support » Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:06 pm

Stratification for Eco projects is defined by using the Manage Map Land Use function. However, stratification can be based on political boundaries, management units or any other scheme that will help you answer questions by comparing data between units within the entire study area. Eco version 5 users can use the Edit- Manage Map Land Use function from the Eco menu to modify an existing stratification scheme or create new categories or merge existing ones.

After reconfiguring the stratification scheme with the Manage Map Land Use option, existing plots can then be reassigned to Map land uses by using the Edit - Enter or Edit data and changing the Manage Map Land Use drop down option on the Data Entry dialog screen.

Remember, you will most likely receive different estimates and results than your original processed project after your post-stratified. Existing plots are reassigned to different stratum, the size and quantity of individual strata may change. So, population extrapolations and estimates will also change accordingly.

Lastly, if you are post-stratifying a project, it is advisable to work with a copy of your original project as you may desire to keep the original as a master copy or use it to post stratify in multiple ways.

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