How do I add new species in Eco for a UK project

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How do I add new species in Eco for a UK project

Post by daveh » Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:07 am

Most of the species commonly encountered in the UK are already on the default species list, however, a few I have encountered so far are not. I don't seem to be able to add new species to the list, as per the info in the training folder, section 25, (is this ready yet?). What information is required in order that this can be achieved? Do I need to provide you with species info for these UK species, i.e. growth rates, leaf area index etc, or do I simply input the genus or substitute for the closest species? (Presumably a substitute is not as accurate as providing the information). The iTree Eco International information in the training folder (section 25) with 'screen-shots' attached is not familiar to me in the iTree version I have installed, is this software yet to be added to the downloadable version?
The tree species we have encountered which aren't on the list are Sorbus aria and Quercus ilex.

Many thanks

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Post by smaco » Tue Jun 15, 2010 6:44 pm

Hi Dave,
With standard use of i-Tree Eco, you are limited to the species list provided. We realize, however, that international use of Eco requires some customization and adding species is one issue. The vast majority of users will simply choose an available species that is similar in character (growth, form and function) to the one not represented in Eco. In fact, the Eco application will not let you enter data without following this procedure. Therefore, to move on with your project, you will need to select the allied species, but you could note the correct species for updating the project in the future should the species be added to the list.

To add a species, we do need more than the name; its characteristics as you noted are also needed. We are developing a protocol for submitting this data to build the available species list, but this work has not been finalized. If you would like to discuss what is involved we would be happy to work directly you on this. You can contact us directly to discuss at

Any progress we make in finalizing the species submission template can be shared with other users via this forum. Thanks. --Scott
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