Carbon Storage (kg) Maximum Values

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Carbon Storage (kg) Maximum Values

Post by ktmart » Mon Aug 26, 2019 11:07 am


I was recently using iTree Eco V6 to analyze some very large poplar trees (Populus deltoides, Populus x canescens) and noticed that they all had the same carbon storage values after a DBH of 150 cm. To clarify, PODE, PODE and POCA with DBH values of 150, 172 and 207 cm, respectively, all had carbon storage values of 7500 kg. Does this make sense ? Is iTree Eco V6 only able to estimate carbon storage up to 7500 kg ? Is there a way to calculate carbon storage more accurately for these trees ? Note that I don't seem to observe this problem for other ecosystem services.


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Re: Carbon Storage (kg) Maximum Values

Post by azelaya » Tue Aug 27, 2019 11:45 pm


We are investigating and testing this and will post an update soon. I suspect this could be related to maximum heights that Eco may use that may be applied for these species because of their large diameters. However, I'm seeing this same behavior with smaller DBH trees ...with different heights producing the same carbon estimates.

Post updated 01Sept2019

We confirmed that there is in fact a 7500kg carbon storage cap for the Eco model that was implemented by the US Forest Service Northern Research Station. We are still awaiting additional feedback but suspect this is a limitation of the model to estimate carbon sequestration and storage for very large trees. Although there is a warning for large DBH trees (100in (254cm) when entered in i-Tree Eco, there is not a warning for the 7500kg cap which may be applied for trees under the DBH cap depending on species and other variables. Documentation and reporting will need to be updated in a future version upon verification with the FS-NRS regarding this cap. Sorry this cap was not made known prior to entering the large trees.
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