Source of data and monetary valuations for i-Tree Eco European adaptation

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Source of data and monetary valuations for i-Tree Eco European adaptation

Post by Jason.Henning » Wed Feb 27, 2019 12:20 pm

In November of 2018 i-Tree Eco was adapted for use in a number of European Union countries. This adaptation required the use of a number of local data sources to support the i-Tree models and create localized monetary valuations. Below is a list of the data sources used. In some locations users have provided location, precipitation and/or pollution data using the i-Tree Database system. In these cases the user provided data take priority over the i-Tree default data. Pollution data that was previously submitted for cities in Europe by users through i-Tree Database is now averaged with data from EEA stations. You can see pollution monitor stations locations in the Reports tab by selecting the Project Metadata Report after project configuration is complete, click on the coordinates check box to the far left in the ribbon, and then select Map Active Report to see pollution station locations for a given year in a map interface.

Important Note: Users can enter custom monetary values for many of the benefits directly in i-Tree Eco by accessing the "Benefit Prices" table on the "Data" tab. Users are encouraged to use customized local monetary values whenever they are available. Such localized values will be easier for users to explain and defend, and in general will be more accurate than regional generalizations that are used to create the i-Tree Eco default values.
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