How can I tell where my Eco v6 pollution data comes from?

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How can I tell where my Eco v6 pollution data comes from?

Post by azelaya » Mon Feb 18, 2019 12:10 am

Pollution data in i-Tree Eco is hard-coded in the application and based off your project location entered. Users do no control or select the source location for pollution when picking their weather station.

Eco v6.0.14 now provides the pollution station location information in the Meta data report under the Reports tab after a project is created and weather station selection is made. After selecting weather station, you will need to open the meta data report. You can then select "Coordinates" in the Settings menu at the top bar, which will then display the X & Y coordinates of the pollutant source stations - you will see this added in the metadata report now.

Mapping the pollutant source data is helpful as it gives you an idea of how local the pollution actually is. The Beta Active Maps options can then be selected to spatially see the location of the stations where pollutants are sourced from.

For a quick video on how to do this see this link
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