Can I manually create the 3 files for the PDA Utility?

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Can I manually create the 3 files for the PDA Utility?

Post by i-Tree Support » Fri Jan 05, 2007 2:57 pm

Yes you can. Three files are needed by the UFORE Shell in order to be able to load the plots coordinates into the PDA.

1) if there are no coordinates to import, the plot numbers can be simply entered through the Shell during new project setup.
2) the Manual asks for .doc files, but the UFORE Shell will accept these .txt files without problem.
3) The two text files can not include the use of tabs, commas, or other punctuation. The Shell only accepts values and empty spaces.
4) No empty lines can be present.


1) Create the required number of points using ArcView or ArcMap
2) Open the associated *.DBF file in Excel, and save as a working file
3) Insert a column between the plot ID column and the first coordinate
4) Fill the column with “1” (no stratification = 1 single stratum)
5) Delete the headers and anything else above the plot information, so there only remain four columns of data: Plot ID, Stratum (=1), X, Y. For example:

Code: Select all

1 1 1578701.99712000 1165983.32608000 
2 1 1579604.18701000 1166147.34998000 
3 1 1577747.10724000 1166453.54246000

Please follow the formatting of this example exactly, or you will receive an error message.

6) Save as a comma delimited (*.csv) file
7) Open the file in NotePad
8) Insert two empty lines above the data columns
9) Fill the two new lines with this text

Code: Select all

$U4PLLS! 1.0 20060911 1500 
10) Replace “20060911” with the current date, and “1500” with the time the file is made
11) If meters are being used, change the “0” in the second line to “1”
12) Save it as Points_Report.txt


1) Open NotePad
2) Enter the following 3 lines:

Code: Select all

$U4STAR! 1.0 20060911 1500 
1 YourTotalArea Urban 
3) Replace the date and time as before
4) If hectares are being used, replace the “0” in the second line with “1”
5) Replace “YourTotalArea” with the total acres or hectares of the entire study area from which the sample plots are taken
6) Make sure that only a single space separates the data groups
7) Save as Strata_Area_Report.txt


1) Locate the file *.prj associated with your plot selection
2) Store a copy of it with the previous 2 files for importation into the UFORE shell
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