The requested FTP command is not supported when using HTTP proxy

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The requested FTP command is not supported when using HTTP proxy

Post by azelaya » Mon Dec 18, 2017 4:17 pm

The following message "The requested FTP command is not supported when using HTTP proxy" may be received when using Eco v6, and i-Tree Database. This is an indication that your system communications settings may need to be modified to allow data transfer with i-Tree applications.

Our Developers have provided the following information and steps to resolve. Please consult your IT staff for further assistance.

By default, Microsoft .Net will use the local system’s proxy settings for HTTP and FTP traffic. These settings can be dynamically specified by web proxy auto discovery or explicitly be set via:
1. Control Panel
2. Internet Options
3. Connections tab
4. Lan Settings button
5. Proxy server section and Advanced button

If a proxy server is configured, .Net will use it for all HTTP and FTP connections. Support for FTP file uploads via a web proxy was never implemented in Microsoft .Net which results in the given situation (errors submitting Eco projects). From a network management perspective, there are two ways to approach this issue:
1. Add an exception for to the proxy server to bypass the proxy.
2. Remove explicit or automatically discovered proxy settings and switch to a transparent proxy configuration if possible.

Note: this message may also be caused by firewall settings and you may need your IT people to further investigate.
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