How to quantify pollution removal for each strata.

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How to quantify pollution removal for each strata.

Post by Erika.Teach » Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:40 am

A limitation of Eco v.6 is that for a stratified project there is not a report table that quantifies pollution removal for each strata.

Therefore, we suggest using the leaf area percentages to proportionally distribute the overall pollution removal estimates by their land uses as a first order estimate. So, in the case below 66% of the overall pollution removal may be attributed to trees in Residential areas and so on.

Leaf Area (km2 and %) by strata from a city report example below
Commercial______3.991 km2 | 15.20%
Government______3.144 km2 | 11.90%
Industrial_________.863 km2 | 3.30%
Institutional_______.855 km2 | 3.20%
Other_____________.072 km2 | .30%
Residential______17.398 km2 | 66.10%

Leaf Area.JPG
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