Can I create multiple "series" for a project in Eco v6?

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Can I create multiple "series" for a project in Eco v6?

Post by azelaya » Fri Jul 08, 2016 12:03 pm

There are (2) things to consider regarding the use of multiple project "series" in the Eco v6 project environment.

1. Eco v6 beta allows you to convert an existing Eco v5 project that was configured in Eco v5 with multiple series for use and access in Eco v6. After you convert and migrate the project into Eco v6, you can toggle between individual series elements using the "View" option. In short, you will not lose any existing project/series elements if migrating into Eco v6.

2. Eco v6 beta does not allow you to create multiple series within a newly created Eco v6 project. Our Development team made this decision based on limited use of series from Eco users and also considering future Eco v6 integration needs going forward. The Eco v6 database structure was simplified to eliminate the need for separate input and report databases. Additionally, there were numerous new reports and forecasting which needed to be accommodated in the Eco v6 database framework. Given these priorities, the capability of creating new series in Eco v6 was eliminated.
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