plot based inventory vs. complete inventory

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hannses helly
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plot based inventory vs. complete inventory

Post by hannses helly » Fri Dec 23, 2022 7:29 am

Hello Guys,

I was doing some calculations with itree eco and considering which type of inventory would be appropriate for my project.
I was thinking about doing a complete inventory for a small area and extrapolating to the entire research area because I can choose the structure and size of the subject of research more individually. So far i gathered 61 trees on an area of 1,3 ha and wanted to extrapolate to 6 ha (*4.3).
I gathered these plots in a plotbased inventory and ran it for both the plotbased and total inventory (1,3ha *4,3=6ha)...

Here are my findings:
amount complete inventory complete value (€) amaount extra extra value(€) amounts value (€)
tree cover (%) 24,7 0 24,7 0 72,5 0
pollution removal (kg/year) 36,09 156 155,5 672,36 382,2 1.640
carbon storage (t) 76,66 644 330,4 2775,64 659 55500

This is just a sample to demonstrate my issue.
As I previously stated, I tree can simply extrapolate with a factor, as i do ?!
But I'm not sure why the tree cover (%) is so different, or even the amounts and values.

Is there any advice or someone who could explain this to me?
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Re: plot based inventory vs. complete inventory

Post by Jason.Henning » Tue Dec 27, 2022 10:20 am

Hi Hannses,
I would need to see a copy of both projects to figure out how the different approaches led to different results. There are too many potential differences between the project types to speculate on what might be the actual cause of any differences. If you want us to take a look please send copies of both projects to We are a little short staffed this week so you may not receive a response until early in the new year.
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